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Zappos on Holacracy

I want to explore this piece:

We are operating in the organization with good set of constraints.

I saw failed attempts in building up self-organized teams (go for Scrum! self-organize!).

Interestingly to review apporach of others…

More to come…

P.S.: CEO of Zappos was experimenting with Tribal Leadership and now Holacracy.

Observation from the Teacher side

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
— Albert Einstein

Insight. The most valuable and actual practice exercise to support theory:
Ask class (students) implement theoretical materials immediately on their real case examples. With what they, are struggling now (try to fix “pain in the ass”) in their work.

Tip. Organize several teams and ask each team to find and implement their own solution, then discuss the results.
One of the teams can consist from the Coaches or Teachers.

Conway’s Law

Just a reminder from Mr. Mel Conway:

The system being produced will tend to have a structure that mirrors the structure of the group that is producing it, whether or not this was intended. One should take advantage of this fact and then deliberately design the group structure so as to achieve the desired system structure. (Conway 1968; commonly referred to as “Conway’s Law

Agile and Laws

Why Agile works when other methods don’t?

  • Ziv’s Law: Software Development is Inherently Unpredictable
  • Humphrey’s Law: Users Do Not Know What They Want Until They See Working Software
  • Conway’s Law: The Structure of the Organization Will Be Embedded in the Code
  • Wegner’s lemma: an interactive system can never be fully specified nor can it ever be fully tested
  • Langdon’s lemma: software evolves more rapidly as it approaches chaotic regions (taking care not to spill over into chaos)