Internal Scrum Training – Wave-06

We have finished our 6th wave of Internal Scrum Training – the last Internal Scrum Training this year 😉

As usually, we introduced few changes: run extra simulation on retrospective (Non-musical chairs), run Scrum Standup Sabotage game and soften constraints on Scrum Lego Game.

I must admit: it went differently and … we all had lots of fun! 🙂

Photos and videos are below.

Non-musical chairs

Below you can find how team performs when playing non-musical chairs game.

All participants were playing! Rules are very simple, but it took several iterations to improve process so far, that team finally won.



Scrum Lego Game

Amazing thing: participants jumped into the building the city leaving Product Owners on a side. It does not mean that participants doing all right, but we decided to wait and see where it will lead them. We (product owners) did not even get our backlog on the table, teams were generating stories by themselves (driven by their assumptions) and… failing 🙂

This caused some sort of chaos at the beginning. Interestingly, that teams demonstrated same dysfunctions as they have in real life (real life PO are thousands miles away, available for 3 hours in a “sunny” days and teams had to deal with that). Actually team was naturally taking PO roles on themselves (as they do in real life) instead of demanding from Product Owner to fulfill his/her role and deliver!

We discussed such finding on retrospective after the game.


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Note: If you are interested in how other our waves were doing? Check this out.

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