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I am quite happy to share with you my the latest experience about session of Scrum Masters Community (SMC) in Donetsk!

“SCRUM But” as a topic for our discussion was chosen by community members. In another words, they were interested in “Anti-patterns of SCRUM” topic and different variations of SCRUM framework.

Experiment. As a cross-functional team we are trying to be up to date with all our knowledge, and share it frequently on all topics.

At this time I should dig dipper into this topic!

Result. I received huge, positive, experience and motivation to research new for the new challenges!

But.. not all things were strictly to my plan, after short intro into “Scrum But”, we started discussing real problems, and started searching anti-patterns in out framework implementation.

Learning point -Always Interview your customer, Try to find a root cause of his/her problem, and then represent the “solution”

Experiment: Personal commitment.

We had lunched personal commitment for the SMC sessions, hope will define some valuable results soon.

Result: Members that committed to some actions, start proactively implement their commitment or just trying to do experiments in the teams.

Experiment: “Wanna something? -Be proactive!”

We share message or even idea: “Wanna topic to discuss? -Demand IT!”.

Result we will see at the next session 😉

Work environment – is the key to productive fun and comfortable work. That was a huge surprise for me to work in such flexible and comfortable environment, were you can use everything you can even imagine, walls, screens, transformed tables and so on.

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