Scrum Lego Game – Experiments


In recent post I shared our observations while running Scrum Lego Game as part of internal scrum training.

During next “wave” (each group of students receiving the training called ‘wave’ with corresponding number) of internal scrum training, we decided to improve the game by adding few changes.


These changes includes:

  • chance cards (regular and trump card, regular card applies to team who draw the card, but trump card applies to all teams in the game :-))
  • release burndown chart — business owner wants to know if teams are able to deliver entire Lego city (see how remaining work decreasing from sprint to sprint)
  • value burnup chart — how much value produced each team in each iteration


Originally chance cards were designed to introduce certain uncertainty of real world to the game. Certain ‘management decisions‘ explained on a chance card (e.g. 50% of team should use only right hand, while other 50% should use only left hand) supposed to lead to velocity degradation, BUT reality surprised us! Velocity was not really decreased that much, but team collaboration improved — you cannot build a lego block with one hand!


Take a look at photos:

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Game in Action

Pay attention to one-hand players: 🙂


We keep on going with continuous improvements of training and Scrum Lego Game simulation.

Insights we’re getting on such road are reminding us: “Don’t assume a thing! Operate with facts! Go and challenge your assumptions! Challenge everything!”

Rephrasing Mary Poppendieck: “Let the Lean be with you!” 🙂

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