Scrum, but…

Recently we talked on our Scrum Master Community (SMC) about “ScrumBut”.

Quick intro

This is a pattern when people deciding to change Scrum, than address issues visualized by Scrum. Of course, it is much easier to change process by introducing workaround than discover root cause of problem and change system to fix problem and prevent it from reappearing.
But doing this we compromise our ability for further continuous improvements. Eventually such improvements become shallow and “the tunnel gets darker and darker”…

This is how Ken Schwaber explained ScrumBut:

ScrumBut Examples

Nice slides on the same topic you can find below:

We mapped some “smells” or antipatterns to Scrum framework in Prezi and started discussion with participants about ‘What is wrong with these practices?”

Meet Scrum Norris

On top of that, we played a small game “Meet Chuck”.

Basically we asked teams to come up with their Scrum Norris examples, while the other team will suggest solution to Scrum Norris problem 🙂


If you would like to have some kind of checklist to verify your team against well known ScrumButs, you may visit Soggy Scrum site or check out some other checklists or tools for assessing your Scrum.

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