SCRUM in a parallel world

Is SCRUM so much different than our real everyday life?

Our daily life consist of…

Real life form SCRUM life form
Global or complex vision of our opportunities Product Backlog
Short-time goals, and sizable (measurable) amount of work to achieve these goal Sprint Backlog
Clear goals of what and why we doing now Sprint Goal
Time bound limitation to achieve our goals Sprint
Opportunities to choose way of our life Team choose tools and methods
Achieving goals with proud Potentially shippable product
Fails with our goals Sprint determination
Demonstrate our attachments to others Demo
Work at one task at certain moment of time WIP limitation
Plan our life for the new day Stand-up
Plan our life for the new week or weekend Planning
Ask help or remove obstacles/impediments with certain group of experts (family, colleagues or friends) Team work
Relaxing and looking back to improve ourselves Retrospective
Day by day learn something new Continuous Improvement

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