Zappos on Holacracy

I want to explore this piece:

We are operating in the organization with good set of constraints.

I saw failed attempts in building up self-organized teams (go for Scrum! self-organize!).

Interestingly to review apporach of others…

More to come…

P.S.: CEO of Zappos was experimenting with Tribal Leadership and now Holacracy.

Agility Path

In this article I collected materials related to Agility Pathâ„¢.
I’ve added few interesting screenshots or quotations to give a hint to a reader.

Agility Path

Agility Path

Original materials on Agility Pathâ„¢ by Ken Schwaber are accessible on and the framework guide.


Ken Schwaber and Gunter Verheyen ‘Enterprise Scrum’.

In this video Ken and Gunter provide brief but clear overview in the form of dialog between a coach (Ken) and a mangager (Gunter) on Agility Path and reasoning behind it. I would recommend watching this video before jumping into The Agility Guide

Nice quotes from video regarding how transforming the management work in agile at enterprise scale.

Management work:

  • How much money company invest into agility per person? (trainings/tooling/new infrastructure/toolsets/etc.)
  • What was the return on investment?
  • Has your organization’s agility changed?

This is not only about of set of metrics demonstrating health of the organization, but evolution of set of metrics…

It is all about managing change in an agile way.

Short PDF: Snapshot flyer
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Scaling Agile: Competition and Cultural Debt

Scrum and Agile movement crossed 12 years mark (I count from Agile Manifesto in 2001).
It became an industry standard for software development in one way or another.

What if we look at Scrum as a product?

Product: Scrum (work management framework)
Market: software development organizations.
Vendor: Agile gurus to sell their services (business reason) and improve industry (noble purpose).

Starting from individual teams Scrum eventually gets its way into mid-size and big-size organizations.

Competitive landscape: fight for transferring Enterprise customers to Agile

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